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Who Commissions a Portrait in the 21st Century?

You don't have to wait for an artist to ask if you'd like to be painted. Although, if this happens, be flattered, and consider it an honour, because it means that something about you has inspired a creative spark!

Enrico from Pisa by Diana (2016)

A portrait will endure the test of time. In our age of mass consumerism and the instant "selfie" it's good to have something more considered and constant.

In 2020, people commission portraits for a multitude of reasons. In no particular order, here are a few;

1. Tradition

The Queen, for example, has an annual portrait painted.

Also, in this category you might find civic leaders, heads of schools/colleges, boards of directors and trustees, clubs and societies.

Mrs Day (2013) by Diana

2. To Celebrate or Commemorate

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, achievements and awards, retirement, a special occasion.

All The Queen's Rocking Horses by Diana (2019)

3. The Family Portrait

A great way to capture the dynamics of a family group and maybe their beloved pets too.

The Thomas Sisters by Diana (2010)

4. Childhood Portraits

Capturing for posterity the fleetingness of childhood.

By Diana (2012)

5. The Couple Portrait

Married couples, partnerships. Whether you're newly married or have been together for years, it's a great way to recognise your unique bond. Or this could be a portrait with you and your favourite pet. Your dog/cat/horse...

By Diana (2013)

6. Private Commissions

These could fulfil a number of objectives which include;

- commissioning a figurative painting for a specific space, possibly matching it to the décor or function of the environment.

- a portrait identifying the sitter to a specific location or activity.

- wearing a specific outfit or family heirloom.

Barbara by Diana (2016)

The essence of the sitter is interpreted and captured by the artist for future generations to behold. Ultimately, this leaves something that is uniquely visually representative of you in your personal legacy.

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